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Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges "Man Without A Home" - CD


Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges "Man Without A Home" - CD


Butter me buns and dip 'em in hundreds and thousands! I've just stared into the new face of the blues. Eugene, Eugene you're a blues machine! It's hard to believe the impact this unassuming man has had on us all, here at The Basement.

Eugene has appeared often, at major festivals in the USA, all over Europe, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. Whipping up a storm wherever he went with his distinctive southern sound.



1.  I Used To Sing Love Songs

2.  You Gonna' Miss Me

3.  Bluesman

4.  Man Without A country, Man Without A Home

5.  Movin' And A Groovin'

6.  Pay The Rent

7.  I'm Falling In Love

8.  Won't Be Your Fool

9.  Hideaway Slim

10. Always

11. I Found It

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