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Jim Conway's Big Wheel - "Share This Life" - CD


Jim Conway's Big Wheel - "Share This Life" - CD


Big Wheel has been described as Jim Conway's dream band combining stunning musicianship with music played straight from the heart. Add to this, the potent and sometimes quirky songs of Don Hopkins, Arne Hanna, Jim Conway and Sam Leopold and you have a recipe for a spectacular new second CD for this Aria nominated band. Titled, "Share This Life ", this new CD was a long time in the making due to the painstaking approach to the recording by coproducers Jim Conway and Phil Punch at Electric Avenue Studios.


1. Share This Life
2. You Were Going To Put Me Down
3. Just Your Friend
4. We're The Ones Who Make The Fun
5. Dances All Alone
6. I Need You Here Right Now
7. Running Away With The Blues
8. Big Trouble
9. Please Send My Baby Back To Me
10. Been Doin' Something Wrong
11. Feels Good Like The Blues

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